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Mechanic's Liens & South Carolina Residential Builders

October 1, 2015

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Tire Blowout Crash: Legal Help in South Carolina

June 17, 2016

There are approximately seven tire punctures every second in the United States. There are two main types of tire blowouts. They can be immediate and severe when the tire suffers a massive puncture, or they can happen slowly as a result of a small hole. Tire blowouts are much more frequent in the summer months due to the heat and are much more likely to occur when temperatures rise above ninety degrees. These high temperatures are very common in South Carolina summers, so drivers should take care to avoid a tire blowout crash. South Carolina car owners should be aware of any recalls on their tires and should learn what to do in the case of a blowout, especially during summer months.


Why are tires recalled? 

Tires may be recalled due to inconsistent tread levels, uneven rubber, or problems with inflation. All of these can increase the risk of rubber separating from a frame, which could cause a tire blowout and subsequent crash. If a blowout occurs, especially at high speeds, it can result in serious personal injury including broken limbs, paralysis or even death.


Finding recall information

This past week, the Rubber Manufacturers Association released a new online tool to help consumers search for tires that are under recall. Released in accordance with National Tire Safety Week, this new online tool covers tire companies’ recalls since the year 2000. You can find the Tire Identification Numbers that are used to identify recalls on the sides of your tires beginning with the letters DOT and usually ending with four digits that indicate the date of manufacture.


What should you do in the event of a tire blowout crash?

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety advises that if you experience a tire blowout, you should maintain a tight grip on your steering wheel and do your best to coast to a stop. Braking or speeding up may cause your vehicle to crash and cause injury. However, even if you follow these precautions, sometimes accidents are unavoidable.


Damages in a tire blowout crash

There are many damages that can result from a tire exploding. The first is property damage which may occur to your vehicle or axle. If you experience a tire blowout crash, you may be entitled to get compensation for damage to your car. There is also the possibility of damages arising from serious injuries such as costs of extensive medical treatment and lost wages. These damages are quantifiable, but a tire blowout may also cause lots of damages that are difficult to calculate such as loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, or emotional distress. A knowledgeable South Carolina accident attorney can help determine calculations for both tangible and intangible damages.


How can a South Carolina accident attorney help?

If you or a family has been in an accident due to a tire blowout, it is important that you contact an experienced South Carolina accident attorney to help you navigate your case. Call Surasky Law Firm today to get a free consultation for your tire blowout or car accident case.

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