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Mechanic's Liens & South Carolina Residential Builders

October 1, 2015

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South Carolina Highway Construction Accidents

August 2, 2016

Summer brings many people on the roads and also seems to create an endless stream of construction projects, including repairing and widening the roads. In Aiken, SC currently the big summer construction projects are on the Silver Buff connector and Buena Vista Road. While many drivers see this summer construction as a nuisance, for the workers on the road, more summer drivers can mean a deadly day at work.


In the most recent year that data is available, there were 87,606 work zone crashes. During that year, a worker was injured in a construction zone approximately once every 14 minutes. Construction zones often require reduced speeds from drivers, so many of these accidents do not result in death; however, there still can be serious property damage and severe personal injury even when a vehicle is moving slowly.


The Dangers of South Carolina Highway Work

South Carolina highway workers face the dangers that come with working in traffic. Speeding drivers and drivers who are distracted can pose serious risks to those working on a highway. Additionally, workers are often tasked with operating large equipment and machinery, which only adds to the dangers they face. Plus, South Carolina highway workers often work in extreme temperatures in the summer, so they may be subject to ailments like heat exhaustion, heatstroke and other temperature-related illnesses.


Common Causes of Highway Construction Accidents in South Carolina

The biggest problems that can lead to construction accidents include loose construction debris, machines in the roadway, and rapid changes in speed. According to the CDC, the biggest hazards in constructions zones arise when workers are injured by equipment and when vehicles that are trying to pass end up colliding with workers or vehicles.


Options for Recovery

If you are a South Carolina highway worker, there are a few ways you can be compensated for your injury. In most cases, the primary source of your recovery will be workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation allows you to recover for your injuries when you are injured on the job. The amount of money you may recover will depend on how serious your injuries are, how your life will be affected after the injury and your ability to earn a living in the past and in the future.


While workers’ compensation will likely be the main source of recovery, employers and their insurers may do everything they can to deny or reduce your claim. An experienced attorney can help explain your recovery options and help maximize the amount of benefits you may receive. 


Finding Help

If you work in the construction industry and have been hit while working on a roadway, you may be eligible for compensation. If you are injured on the job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation or recovery through a private party. No matter what your potential source of recovery, it is important that you do not delay.


Contact Surasky Law today for a free consultation on your case.


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