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Dangerous Drug Injuries in South Carolina

When we visit our doctors or pharmacists, we place our trust in them that we are getting help with our medical issues. Sometimes, however, doctors prescribe drugs that do more harm than good. A recent study has shown that Southern physicians are more likely to prescribe high-risk medications than their counterparts around the country. While the reason why Southern physicians are prescribing more high-risk drugs is unclear, many elderly and sick patients suffer when their doctor prescribes them drugs with known dangers.

How do patients end up receiving dangerous drugs?

Despite regulatory agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), drugs that have dangerous side effects, which are both known and unknown, can end up on the market. Additionally, it is possible for drugs and supplements that have not received FDA approval to be available for sale over the counter. In the last 15 years, the FDA has approved approximately 24 new drugs each year. Many of these drugs get to the market after only a few trials and have the possibility to have unknown side effects.

What does the FDA do when a drug is dangerous?

The FDA can take a long time in responding to claims of dangerous drugs. The FDA only begins responding to and correcting dangerous drugs after people have already experienced drug injuries. The FDA has a few methods of response when they learn a drug is dangerous. They may order more trials of a drug, improve warning labels, or issue a recall. However, any of these processes can take several years, and in the meantime, many more individuals could suffer drug related injuries.

What types of prescription drugs are considered dangerous?

This list is not comprehensive, but many recalled drugs are listed on the FDA’s website. Drugs that affect blood flow or those designed for cardiovascular health are often cause for the highest concern, because of the risk of creating serious injury or death.

Can I obtain compensation for a drug injury?

Drug manufacturers are in the business of making money, not giving it out. Even if your injury completely resulted from their medication, they may still be hesitant to compensate you for your medical expenses. You may not be the only person who suffered injuries from a drug, so the manufacturer may have to pay you as part of a class action. Unfortunately, due to the resources of most drug companies, they have no problems extending the length of an injury case. An experienced pharmaceutical attorney can help you negotiate with the large drug manufacturers or help you join in on a class action settlement.

How can a South Carolina pharmaceutical attorney help?

If you or a loved one has suffered an unexpected drug injury or illness, you may have a claim for your damages. Medicine is supposed to heal you not hurt you. All medicine has side effects, but some side effects can lead to legal action.

Contact Surasky Law today for a free consultation on your case.

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