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Halloween Safety Tips to Prevent Personal Injuries

With Halloween right around the corner, parents in Aiken will be busy getting their little ghouls and goblins ready for a night of trick or treating and other fun community events. While this can be an exciting time of the year for both young and old alike, it is important to take a few precautions to reduce the risks of accidents and personal injuries. The following offers tips for parents regarding costume safety and pedestrian dangers, while also providing tips for motorists to help avoid accidents on the road.

Protecting Your Children On Halloween

While children are eager to dress up and go out trick or treating on Halloween with friends, it is hard for parents to ignore the potential threats that exist. While emphasis is often placed on tainted candy and ‘stranger danger’, the fact is that pedestrian accidents are among the biggest risk.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween than at any other time of the year. Rather than actual trick or treating, many shopping centers, churches, and community groups offer alternative activities designed to create a safer environment. If you do allow your children to trick or treat, make sure to follow these precautions:

  • Make sure young children are accompanied by a responsible adult

  • Have older adolescents and teens go out in groups

  • Map out the route your child will take

  • Emphasize the importance of staying on sidewalks and crossing only at crosswalks or designated intersections

  • Advise them to avoid houses that are not well lit or residents they are unfamiliar with

The NSC recommends taking an extra level of caution in costume planning as well. Make sure the outfit fits properly, with no hanging edges your child could trip over. Avoid masks that could obscure their vision, and do a skin test before applying makeup. Use reflective strips on clothing to make them more visible to passing motorists and make sure they have a flashlight to carry with them.

Halloween Driving Safety Tips

Drivers need to be extra alert on Halloween night, particularly when driving through residential areas or near parks and other places where children congregate. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends the following tips for Halloween safety:

  • Avoid distractions and keep your eyes peeled to your surroundings at all times

  • Be alert for children who make be crossing streets and those that might bolt out between parked cars

  • Go several miles per hour below the speed limit, just to be safe

  • Use your headlights, even if it is not yet dark

  • Avoid driving if you are tired, taking medication, or under the influence of alcohol

Let Us Help You With Your Case

At the Surasky Law Firm, LLC, we are here to protect and defend you and your loved ones when accidents do occur. To discuss how we can help you get compensation for injuries you suffer, contact our Aiken personal injury attorneys today to request a consultation.

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