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October 1, 2015

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Anxious Crowds Flood Stores Due To Coronavirus, Increase Parking Lot Accident Risks

March 20, 2020


All over the news, there are stories about the coronavirus pandemic and the steps people need to take to protect themselves. People throughout South Carolina and across the United States are being urged to stay home as businesses and schools shut down. Social distancing requires everyone to stock up on supplies, leading to anxious crowds at local grocery stores. One of the byproducts of this frenzy is an increased risk for parking lot accidents, resulting in potentially serious personal injuries.


Coronavirus Causes Rush On Grocery Stores In Aiken


A March 16, 2020 news report by the Aiken Standard detailed school closings, lockdowns at local nursing home facilities, and increased screening procedures at Aiken Regional Medical Centers in light of the coronavirus. As new cases of COVID-19 are reported across the country, people in hard-hit communities are forced to “shelter in place.” Locally, Aiken residents have been instructed to engage in social distancing and to stock up on essential items purchased at grocery stores, including soap, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, and enough food to last for several weeks.


While there have been plenty of lighthearted jokes and memes on social media regarding unexpected shortages of toilet paper, the situation remains quite serious. Stores have been forced to shorten their hours in order to properly stock shelves and to set aside special times to shop for senior citizens, who are among those most at risk. With everyone distracted and rushing to complete their shopping orders, parking lot accidents are a very real danger. This includes:


  • Car accidents when entering or leaving grocery stores and shopping plazas

  • Crashes that occur while looking for a space

  • Collisions that occur as customers attempt to back in or out

  • Pedestrian accidents, impacting customers walking to and from their vehicles


Parking Lot Safety Tips


The National Safety Council (NSC) warns that parking lot accidents are far more common—and more serious—than most people think. Tens of thousands of people suffer serious injuries as a result of crashes, collisions, and pedestrian accidents in parking lots each year. Special events and holidays are among the most common times for them to occur. Current crowds due to the coronavirus increase your risks. Ways you can protect yourself include:


  • Pay attention when navigating parking lots and any time you are behind the wheel

  • Be alert for unexpected actions on the part of other drivers around you

  • Be patient and avoid aggressive driving behaviors, such as cutting people off or rushing to get a space

  • Adhere to stop signs and follow speed limits in parking lots, which generally do not exceed 15 miles per hour


If a parking lot accident does occur, get the name of the other driver involved, their license plate number, and contact information, then notify the police immediately.


Let Us Help You Today


Anxious crowds flooding stores due to Coronavirus are increasing parking lot accident risks. When unexpected events threaten the health and safety of you or your loved ones, the Surasky Law Firm, LLC is here to help. Contact our Aiken personal injury attorney today to request a consultation.



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