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Work Zone Safety Awareness: Preventing Car Accidents During Road Construction Season

Spring is typically the time of year when traffic increases in Aiken. It’s also the time when road construction projects generally commence, creating additional traffic congestion. Car accidents in Aiken become more common and can cause personal injury to both road workers and drivers. Explore this guide on work zone safety awareness. Preventing car accidents during road construction season is a top priority in Aiken.

Road Construction Hazards

National Work Zone Awareness Week is held each year at the end of April. It calls attention to the dangers faced by both drivers and road construction workers once spring projects commence. According to statistics from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), work zone-related car accidents claim the lives of nearly 1,000 people each year while leaving close to 5,000 others suffering serious personal injuries.

Among the most common ways work zone-related car accidents happen include:

Rear-end collisions. These types of crashes are common near road construction sites due to sudden stops and heavy traffic. Driving too fast for conditions, tailgating other motorists, and being distracted are common contributing factors.

Side-swipe collisions. Narrow roads and detours or having to swerve to avoid construction workers and their equipment can make side-swept collisions more likely to happen.

Collisions with objects. Drivers can easily collide with detour signs, road cones, construction vehicles, or equipment that can be commonly found anywhere near where road work is being performed.

Multi-vehicle crashes. Due to heavy traffic conditions, any of the above accidents can end up having a snowball effect. Multi-vehicle car accidents near construction sites can leave numerous drivers suffering serious personal injuries.

Protecting Yourself Against Construction Accidents

To reduce the risk of work zone-related car accidents, drivers should follow these tips:

Avoid talking on cell phones, texting, or any other type of driving distraction in work zones and any time you’re behind the wheel.

Be aware of what is going on in front of, behind, and around you at all times.

Reduce your speed and be prepared for sudden stops.

Avoid tailgating, switching from lane to lane, and other aggressive driving behaviors.

Pay attention to when road repairs and construction work is planned for your area and choose alternate routes.

If you’re traveling, check with the Department of Transportation in the area you’re headed so you know of any road construction planned and what to expect on your trip.

If you’re involved in a roadwork-related car accident, report it to the police immediately. Make note of exactly where and when it happened, other drivers involved, and the name of the construction company.

Request A Consultation With Our Aiken Car Accident Attorney

We hope this guide on work zone safety awareness assists you. Preventing car accidents during road construction season is a top priority in Aiken. If you’re involved in a road construction-related car accident, contact the Surasky Law Firm to help you get the compensation you need to recover. To request a consultation, reach out to our Aiken car accident attorney today.


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