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South Carolina Name Changes

There are many reasons why an individual in South Carolina may choose to seek a name change. Someone may choose to resume using their maiden name after a divorce, or they may want to change their name at another time. If you are seeking a name change as part of a divorce, generally the process is not that complicated. An attorney can add your request to change your name in a divorce to the papers filed with the court. This article will give you the information you need to know to get a South Carolina name change.

Name Changes in South Carolina without a Divorce

Changing one’s name without a divorce proceeding is a little more complicated. When you change your name, you may be subject to background checks and fingerprinting. You may also be required to prove that you are not on the sex offender registry. There are some other steps as well, detailed below. An attorney who is experienced dealing with state agencies like SLED and the Department of Social Services can streamline the process for you:

  • Contact the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) to request a name change. SLED will provide you with a packet of information including fingerprinting and permission for SLED to do a background check.

  • After SLED mails the information, you are required to get fingerprinted. Getting your fingerprints done will cost a fee, as will submitting your fingerprints back to SLED.

  • You must also fill out a South Carolina Department of Social Services Consent to Release Information form, also known as a DSS form 3072.

  • After mailing in both your fingerprints and the DSS form 3072, SLED will send you documents to fill out regarding your name change and you will bring these documents to court.

  • After you pay the filing fee, the family court will hold a hearing regarding your name change.

  • Once the court hearing is complete, a court order with your new name will be issued.

  • With the new court order you can get your named changed on your driver’s license at a local DMV office and your Social Security card changed at a local office.

Changing a name in South Carolina can be a complicated endeavor that can take patience and a great attention to detail. Changing the name of a minor child can present further complications and difficulties, as the court will want to ensure the name change is being performed for legitimate reasons.

Get Help From a South Carolina Attorney

If you have gone through a divorce or are seeking to change your name for any other reason, it is a good idea to go through the process with the help of an attorney. The attorneys at Surasky Law have experience in ensuring that people can identify themselves how they want. Contact us today to get help with your name change.

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