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Football Injury Claims: Helmet Recalls

Fall is right around the corner. That means football season is about to start. Whether it’s the Gamecocks, the Tigers, or your local high school football team, there is nothing more exciting than competitive football. Football is a fun sport to watch and play, but there are also many dangers associated with the sport. Many schools have their students and parents sign waiver forms that indicate that the student understands the risk of playing a contact sport. These forms prevent a flurry of lawsuits against schools when a student gets injured; however, they usually do not include provisions about faulty safety equipment. In the case of defective helmets or pads causing injury, an individual may be able to maintain a claim against a manufacturer regarding the defective product.

This past week, Xenith, a prominent manufacturer of football helmets, including helmets used by youth players, issued a recall on some of their helmets due to the shell of the helmet cracking. This flaw in the shell can increase the risk of head injuries. Although at this time there have been no reported injuries, there have been 29 reported incidents of helmets cracking. In this article, we will cover the details of this football helmet recall and the recourse you may have for football injury claims.

Details of the Xenith Football Helmet Recall

Nearly 6,000 Xenith football helmets are subject to recall. The manufacturer has released a complete number of serial numbers associated with this recall, which is available here. The manufacturer is offering replacement helmets at no charge to customers within 8-10 business days.

Dangers of Football Head Injuries

Sports helmets are designed to reduce impact to the head and neck. If designed effectively, they can help mitigate the effects of head injuries and high intensity impacts. While there are some studies that say they do more harm than good, overall, helmets are generally considered helpful in preventing injuries in football, hockey, lacrosse, bicycling and other sports.

Head injuries can have a range of symptoms from minor symptoms like headaches and confusion to serious symptoms like internal bleeding and permanent disabilities. However, even injures that may seem minor have the potential to have long-term consequences. If you have received any sort of bump or injury to your head, it is important to consult with a medical professional about any possible consequences. It is more important to get a head injury checked out by a professional than to act tough and try to play through the injury. If you have experienced personal injury due to faulty football equipment, it may be worthwhile to file a personal injury claim.

Get Help from a South Carolina Personal Injury Attorney

There will always be some bumps and bruises when people play football, but there is no reason that the sport should become more dangerous than it already is. If you have suffered a football injury as a result of a defective helmet or have been hurt by another defective product, the experienced South Carolina personal injury attorneys at Surasky Law can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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