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Dealing with Insurance Adjusters: Car Accidents in South Carolina

Even when you are not at fault in an accident you may feel pressured to talk to an insurance adjuster. In many car accidents, an insurance company may call you while you are still recovering from an injury or before you have had a chance to speak with an attorney. They want to deal with your claim quickly so they can move on to their next task. While it is always a good idea to have an attorney present when you speak to an adjuster from an insurance company or to let your attorney speak to the adjuster directly, below are some tips for dealing with insurance adjusters for car accidents in South Carolina.

What is an insurance adjuster’s job?

To become an insurance adjuster in South Carolina you must complete an application for license through the South Carolina Department of Insurance and pay a fee. The role of the insurance adjuster is to assess the value of your car accident or personal injury claim and keep the payout as low as possible. Unfortunately, adjusters juggle many claims at once, and thus may not be able to focus all their attention on you case. That’s why dealing with insurance adjusters for car accidents can be difficult. In some insurance fields, an adjuster handles as many as 200 cases at once! The adjuster is not trying to devalue your claim on a personal level, but they may be trying to save their employer, the insurance company, as much money and time as possible.

Dealing With Insurance Adjusters: Car Accidents

It is important to be ready to talk to the insurance adjuster when they call. If you can schedule a call with your adjuster when your attorney is present, that is ideal. A good attorney will have experience dealing with insurance adjusters for car accidents and can help to ensure a better outcome. If you are not with your attorney, it is a good idea to have all the paperwork you may need to discuss on hand including repair bills, appraisals, and damage estimates. If you have medical bills available these will be helpful too, though often you do not have medical expenses until much later in the claims process.

During the initial conversation when dealing with insurance adjusters for car accidents, it is important to take it at your own pace. Many adjusters are very busy and will only want to spend a short time on the phone with you. Ensure that you take your time and everything is explained to you, especially before you agree to anything. You may have long-lasting medical problems that you are not even aware of yet, and a hurried conversation might mean you would not get coverage for those injuries.

How can a South Carolina accident attorney help?

The lawyers at Surasky Law have years of experience dealing with insurance adjusters for car accidents. Our lawyers have taken the big insurance companies to court, and are here to help you get the settlement you deserve. Sometimes even the prospect of a lawsuit can result in a much higher offer from an insurance company, but usually most large insurance companies do not feel challenged until a lawsuit has actually been filed. We know how to deal with insurance adjusters, and can help ensure that your claim is prioritized so it receives the attention it deserves.

Contact us today for a free consultation on your case.

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