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Retail & Manufacturing Workers Face Higher Risks For Accidents & Injuries

Despite increases in the overall employment outlook for our country, finding a good paying, steady job in Aiken, SC or the surrounding areas can still be a challenge. Many workers find jobs either in the manufacturing or retail industry, and while these can help you afford a decent living for your family, they are not without certain risks. On-the-job accidents are common in these fields, and injuries you sustain can result in lasting disabilities. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits are available in many of these cases, to help you deal with the medical expenses and lost wages you incur as a result.

Accidents And Injuries Among Retail And Manufacturing Workers

According to the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW), the retail and manufacturing industries are the second and third most common industries for jobs among Aiken residents, employing over 14,000 people. Jobs in these fields are significantly more common than those in the food service, construction, real estate, and transportation industries combined, and are second only to administrative and waste management positions in terms of being the largest overall source of employment in our area.

Unfortunately, these jobs also top the list when it comes to the potential for on-the-job accidents and injuries. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that both the retail and manufacturing fields have numbers that are way above the national average for occupational injuries, impacting as many as 200,000 workers each year. Common types of work-related injuries in the retail and manufacturing business include:

  • Overuse injuries due to repetitive actions, such as bending or reaching for items

  • Overexertion, due to lifting heavy objects

  • Slips and falls, either on level surfaces or from heights

  • Severe cuts and lacerations, due to opening boxes and unpacking goods

  • Transportation accidents when sending or receiving shipments or when stocking merchandise in warehouses

  • Workplace violence, either at the hands of customers or fellow employees

Fortunately, when these types of accidents and injuries do occur, workers’ compensation benefits are available to help you recover.

South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Benefits You May Be Entitled To

Through the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC), you may be entitled to benefits for injuries that occurred on the job or during the course of your employment. Benefits available to injured workers include:

  • Medical expenses, which include treatment and medication costs, as well as reimbursement for transportation to and from appointments

  • Compensation for lost wages while you recover

  • Temporary disability payments if you are unable to perform certain tasks on your job

  • Permanent disability payment, if you are unable to return to work due to your injuries

Get Help Today

To get the benefits you are entitled to, report any injury immediately to your supervisor. Seek medical treatment right away and follow all of your doctor’s instructions regarding restricted activities. For help in filing a claim and to help ensure you get the maximum amount of benefits you are entitled to, contact the Surasky Law Firm, LLC and request a free consultation with our experienced Aiken workers’ compensation attorneys today.

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