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5 Potential Signs Your Spouse Wants A Divorce

Every marriage has its ups and downs. It is common for couples to overcome differences of opinions and obstacles that come their way with their marriage intact and stronger as the result. But there are often signs your spouse wants a divorce. To avoid the emotional and financial consequences that can result from being blindsided by this type of situation, the following are five important warning signs to be aware of.

Your Spouse Had An Affair

While adultery does not always have to mean the end of your marriage, it is grounds for divorce under the South Carolina Code of Law. Your ability to forgive and the potential for your relationship to recover may depend on the circumstances involved and your spouse’s attitude once the situation is revealed. If you decide to reconcile and attempt to move past the affair, you may want to consider a postnuptial agreement as a means of protecting yourself in the event it happens again.

Lack Of Communication

According to, a lack of communication between spouses is one of the most common warning signs your spouse wants a divorce. A lack of shared interests, indifference over special events in each other’s lives, and an inability or unwillingness to discuss important issues can be overcome. But this requires both parties to make an effort.

Lack Of Intimacy

Sex is not everything in a marriage, but a lack of marital intimacy could indicate a host of problems. It may be due to a medical condition, a busy work schedule, or family demands that leave you exhausted at the end of the day. This is a highly sensitive issue for a couple, so be cautious of taking a critical or shaming tone in any discussions you initiate.

Constant Fighting & Put Downs

Constant fighting, bickering and put downs of one another is also a common and obvious sign of marital problems that spouses may shrug off or overlook, according to Prevention. Sadly, while you may eventually become immune to disagreements and disparaging remarks or attitudes towards each other, the change in your relationship is likely to be obvious to family and friends.

Staying Away From Home

Frequently coming home late or engaging in solo activities outside of the home may be a passing phase, or it may be signs that an emotional separation has already taken place. You may want to suggest activities such as a date night, a couples retreat, or even marriage counseling. If your partner is less than enthusiastic, it may be time to take the steps needed to protect yourself.

We Are Here To Help You

Going through issues in your marriage can be confusing and painful. Now more than ever you need someone on your side, helping to ensure your rights and interests are protected. Call or contact the Surasky Law Firm, LLC online today to request a confidential, no obligation case consultation.

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