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4 Reasons You Need An Aiken, SC Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents occur suddenly. In a split second, your vehicle can be totaled, and you can be left with serious and potentially life threatening injuries. Even if your symptoms are seemingly minor, they can end up impacting your health and your ability to work for years to come. This is why it is so important to consult with an experienced car accident attorney. At the Surasky Law Firm, LLC, we act as a strong legal advocate on your side to help ensure your rights are protected. The following are four common situations in which you need legal representation after a car accident occurs:

1. The at fault driver is uninsured or underinsured.

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), roughly one of out of every ten drivers on the road in South Carolina is driving uninsured. Even if they do have some coverage, it may not be enough to cover your total costs for medical expenses, lost wages, and property damages. In these situations, you may be entitled to seek compensation through the court, with any resulting judgments enforced through actions such as wage garnishment and property liens.

2. The insurance company refuses to pay.

Insurance companies, like any business, are concerned with making money and protecting profits. As a result, they will actively look for reasons to deny your claim and will use any statements you make about the accident or actions you take afterward to do this. Our Aiken, SC car accident attorney can protect you in these situations, gathering the evidence needed to support your claim. Even if you were partially to blame, you may still be entitled to compensation through South Carolina’s contributory negligence laws.

3. The insurer offers an immediate, low settlement.

In some cases, an insurance company may surprise you with an immediate settlement offer. Unfortunately, this is likely to be for far less than what you actually deserve. They know that in the immediate aftermath of a car accident you are vulnerable and likely to want to put the entire incident behind you.

Unfortunately, you have only one chance to get compensation through a claim. Failing to have an attorney represent you in these matters could leave you with significant out of pocket costs.

4. Your injuries and damages are severe.

When car accident injuries result in severe and catastrophic injuries, filing a personal injury claim may be the best option to ensure you get the full amount you are entitled to. While an insurer may cover some of your current and future medical expenses, they will not provide compensation for pain, suffering, mental anguish, disfigurement, or the loss of quality of life you are likely to suffer.

Reach Out Today For Help

Even if your car accident is seemingly minor or your symptoms do not appear severe, there are many potentially debilitating conditions that take weeks or months to fully appear. To get the professional legal guidance you need in negotiating a settlement, contact the Surasky Law Firm, LLC today. We can arrange a consultation with our Aiken car accident attorney, who can advise you on the best course of action in your case.

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