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What To Do After An On-the-Job Accident

On the job accidents and injuries can happen in any occupation under a variety of circumstances. Even a minor mishap can leave you suffering serious injuries that prevent you from working or performing certain tasks on your job, while requiring the need for ongoing medical care and treatment. While South Carolina workers’ compensation benefits can help you as you recover, the following are five steps that can help you protect yourself. Here’s what to do after an on-the-job-accident:

1. Get medical care right away.

If you have been involved in a serious accident on the job or suffer obvious injuries, such as a broken bone or a severe laceration, getting medical care is an obvious choice, Unfortunately, when subtler or seemingly minor job accidents and injuries occur workers are often tempted to downplay the situation and may put off getting the care they need.

Regardless of the severity, you should always seek medical attention for job related injuries immediately. Not getting thoroughly checked out by a doctor will jeopardize your rights in a workers’ compensation claim.

2. Follow all of your doctor’s instructions.

After your initial visit, make sure to follow all the doctor’s instructions and recommendations regarding activity restrictions and follow up care. Not doing so is something your employer and their insurers can use against you in denying your claim.

3. Document everything.

When job related injuries happen, notify your boss or supervisor immediately and make sure an accident report is filed. Once you have received emergency medical treatment, send notice of your injury in writing and keep a copy for your own records.

Document all interactions you have with doctors, claims administrators, and anyone else associated with your case, along with all your expenses. Double check to ensure your claim has been filed with the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commision (WCC), and make note of the time and date of your calls, along with who you spoke to.

4. Refrain from social media.

As you recover and while you receive workers’ compensation benefits, your safest bet is to avoid the use of social media. Seemingly innocent posts, pictures, or ‘tags’ by family and friends can be twisted to give the wrong impression, and may be used to dispute your injuries and deny your benefits.

5. Get plenty of rest.

While you may be eager to return to work and to resume normal, daily activities, use this opportunity to get the rest you need. Recovery from on the job injuries can take months or even years. Give your injuries time to heal to avoid complications, which could result in potentially permanent disabilities

Contact Us Today for Help

On-the-job accidents and injuries are a serious matter, which have the potential to impact your health and financial security for years into the future. Get the professional legal guidance you need to help ensure you get the benefits you deserve. Call or contact the Surasky Law Firm, LLC online to request a consultation with our South Carolina workers’ compensation attorney today.

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