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Consequences of DUI: ADSAP & Driver’s License Restrictions

Being charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in South Carolina is a serious matter. Even a first conviction could leave you facing heavy fines and a potential jail sentence. In addition to these penalties, you will be facing the loss of your driving privileges and requirements to complete drug and alcohol counseling through the courts. This is no simple matter. It is important to understand the programs in place and how your attendance impacts your driving privileges.

South Carolina’s Drug & Alcohol Education Program

One of the ramifications of DUI in South Carolina is that you will be required to attend counseling. Participation in the South Carolina Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP) is not an option. Those convicted for DUI or Driving With An Unlawful Blood Alcohol Content (DWAC) must complete the program as part of their sentencing, regardless of where you live.

In Aiken, ADSAP is offered through the Aiken Center for Alcohol and Drug Services. You must enroll in the program within thirty days of your sentencing or risk being held in contempt of court. ADSAP involves attending classes, which are offered on nights and weekends. You will first need to schedule an intake interview and attend orientation at the Aiken office. To enroll, you must present a government issued photo I.D. and a copy of your 10-year driving record. You will also be required to pay all ADSAP associated fees. These range from between $500 to $2,500, depending on your charges and the types of services required.

DUI & Your Driver’s License

The goal of ADSAP is to provide counseling and education to identify and treat the underlying issues which caused you to get a DUI. In order to graduate’ from ADSAP, program administrators must determine that there is adequate evidence to show that you have responded to treatment and are unlikely to commit another offense. The program is designed to be completed by the time your license is reinstated, but it can take up to a year depending on your particular situation. Until you complete the program, your license will remain suspended.

There may be a way for you to get a provisional license while you attend ADSAP. If you are a first time DUI or DUAC offender, this provisional license can allow you to drive legally, provided you pay a $100 fee and are currently enrolled and attending ADSAP. You may also be entitled to a route restricted license, which can allow you to travel between home and work or school. Again, your acceptance is dependant on ADSAP enrollment.

Contact An Attorney For Help

When facing charges for a DUI, you need someone on your side acting as a strong legal advocate. Reach out and contact the Surasky Law Firm, LLC today and request a consultation with our Aiken, SC DUI attorney to discuss the options in your case and the potential penalties you could be facing.

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