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Questions About DUIs During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus has shut down many businesses in Aiken County. With time off from work, some are more inclined to rely on alcohol to pass the time and to deal with the stress of the situation. While there is nothing wrong with having a few drinks in the safety of your home, it is important to be aware that law enforcement officials remain vigilant for DUI drivers. As an experienced Aiken DUI defense attorney, the following are three common questions we are asked about DUIs during the coronavirus pandemic.

Can I Still Be Stopped For A DUI During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office continues to fulfill its duty to protect residents of the community during the coronavirus pandemic, which includes monitoring local roads and highways. In addition to handing out tickets for traffic violations, such as speeding and running red lights, they also remain alert for motorists who may be driving under the influence.

Traffic, in general, is reduced as a result of stay-home orders designed to flatten the curve of coronavirus cases. For police monitoring local roads, this can make it even easier for them to spot suspected DUI drivers.

What Should I Do If Pulled Over Under Suspicion Of DUI?

A recent DUI case in New Jersey highlights what not to do if pulled over under suspicion of DUI during the pandemic. The driver in the case was suspected of DUI after being involved in a one-car accident. As police questioned her and attempted to conduct field sobriety tests, she breathed heavily on several officers and claimed to be infected with COVID-19. She ultimately tested negative but the officers involved were still required to do a 14-day quarantine in the aftermath. In addition to her DUI, she now faces additional charges as a result of her actions.

Any time you are suspected of DUI, it is important to follow the officer’s instructions when it comes to pulling over, providing proof of your identity, and getting out of your vehicle. You do have the option to refuse DUI testing, although this can result in an automatic license suspension. Above all, in any interaction with the police, it is important to maintain your composure. At the same time, officers should be wearing gloves, face masks, and taking other precautions during the pandemic to limit the risks of infecting drivers they stop.

What If I Currently Have A DUI Hearing Scheduled?

Aiken County Courts are closed to the public as a result of the pandemic. Courthouse staff continues to work, though, and there are plenty of online options for conducting hearings or attending to other court-related activities. To ensure you are in compliance with any orders resulting from your arrest, contact our Aiken DUI attorney before skipping any court dates or taking other actions.

Contact Our Aiken DUI Defense Attorney Today

At the Surasky Law Firm, LLC., we provide the trusted legal guidance you need when facing DUI charges. If you have any more questions about DUIs during the coronavirus pandemic, contact our Aiken DUI defense attorney to request a consultation today.

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