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During National Safety Month, the Focus is on Preventing Personal Injuries

June signals the beginning of summer. It is also National Safety Month, which puts a focus on preventing personal injuries from occurring. This is a fitting time to do so considering the increased amount of activities most people plan over the summer season. That said, it’s important to be aware of common causes of injury and simple steps you can take to protect yourself over the coming months.

Common Causes of Personal Injuries Over the Summer

The National Safety Council (NSC) works year-round to raise awareness regarding common causes of personal injuries. These can occur at home, on the job, during your commute, or in any public place. The NSC increases its efforts to make the public aware of potential dangers and focuses on preventing personal injuries each year during the month of June, designated as National Safety Month. It is particularly timely this year, as businesses begin reopening after being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic and people eagerly resume some of their normal activities.

Personal injuries are one of the leading causes of death and disability and can occur in a variety of situations. Among the most common include:

  • Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, which are often the result of reckless behavior on the part of one of the drivers involved

  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents, which are particularly common among children during the summer months

  • Slips, trips, and falls, which can occur in any public place and are often caused by the negligence of property owners

  • Sports and recreational accidents, which are more likely to happen when coaches or recreational staff lack training and when the proper safety precautions are not taken

Reducing Your Personal Injury Risks

As you get ready to enjoy some of your favorite summer activities, the NSC encourages you to take the time now to plan for your own and your family’s safety. The following are simple tips to follow which can help reduce your personal injury risks:

  • Drive safely. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) urges drivers to avoid reckless driving behaviors such as speeding, distracted driving, and driving under the influence.

  • Increase your visibility when walking or riding a bike. Wearing light, bright colors and being aware of motorists in your vicinity can help reduce the risk of pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

  • Watch where you are walking. Wet floors due to condensation from air conditioning, cluttered aisles, and uneven walkways are all common conditions that make slips and falls more likely to occur.

  • Stay hydrated. During the summer, not drinking enough water during sports or recreational activities can lead to heatstroke and increases injury risks.

  • Make use of safety equipment. This includes wearing seatbelts while driving, a helmet when biking or playing sports, and life jackets when boating.

Contact Our Aiken Personal Injury Attorney

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