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Back To School Safety

The high number of COVID-19 cases in South Carolina has created controversy over whether it is safe to send children back to school. While protecting them against the virus is a top concern for parents, there are other safety risks they need to be aware of as well. Personal injuries among children are common once classes start. Find out the common causes and consider these back-to-school safety tips.

Protecting Your Child Against School-Related Injuries

There has been an ongoing battle between parents, teachers, and state officials over whether it is safe to reopen schools. With coronavirus cases surging throughout South Carolina, Governor Henry McMaster is determined to send children back to school for the first time since March 2020. However, as a concession to those concerned about their safety amidst the ongoing pandemic, The State reports that he is delaying the start until after Labor Day.

While parents will no doubt be stocking up on masks, wipes, and disinfectants, there are other safety concerns they need to be aware of. Accidental injuries are common once school is in session. They can occur while walking to or from school, when taking the bus, and during school-sponsored activities. To protect children against personal injuries, the National Safety Council (NSC) recommends that parents follow these tips:

  • Review the route your child will take when walking to or from school. Remind them to remain at the sidewalk at all times and to cross only at designated intersections. Contact your school district to find out where crossing guards will be posted.

  • If your child takes the bus, review basic precautions. Remind them to stand in single file at the bus stop, to not attempt boarding until the bus has stopped moving, and to remain in their seats throughout the trip.

  • Find out more about sports or other school-related activities. Meet their coaches. Make sure children have adequate training and warmup time, in addition to protections such as helmets, pads, or other gear. Insist you be notified immediately if any type of injury occurs.

  • Bullies are a common problem and can leave your child with serious personal injuries. Encourage your child to report any incidents and do not hesitate to contact the school if your child comes home with bumps, scratches, or other unexplained injuries.

Holding School Administrators and Others Accountable

The Senate is proposing a five-year ban on lawsuits over the coronavirus, which would help protect schools and businesses. However, schools can still be held liable when your child suffers injuries as a result of negligence. Those that can be held accountable in a claim include:

  • School administrators

  • Teachers and teaching assistants

  • Coaches and sports or recreational staff

  • Bus drivers and transportation companies

  • Other parents or anyone who may be responsible for injuries your child suffers.

Let Us Help You Today

In addition to protecting your child from COVID-19, be sure to prevent other potential injuries from occurring with these back-to-school safety tips. At the Surasky Law Firm, LLC, we help you get the compensation you are entitled to when personal injuries happen. To discuss your case and your options in filing a claim, contact our Aiken personal injury attorney and schedule a consultation today.

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