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Virtual Divorce Gaining Popularity During Pandemic

When getting a divorce, there are numerous meetings with your attorneys and other parties involved to discuss your case, as well as a variety of court hearings you are required to attend. These can be difficult to begin with, but are even more challenging now in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Concerns over social distancing have led virtual divorce to gain popularity during the pandemic. The following details what you need to know about virtual divorce and how it is likely to apply in your case.

Concerns Over COVID-19 Impact Couples Seeking A Divorce

According to a July 2020 Business Insider report, one of the unexpected outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic is a surge in the divorce rate. Experts attribute this to job losses, increased time spent at home, concerns over money problems, and stress surrounding the situation in general.

While more couples may be seeking divorces right now, there are equal numbers who are hesitant to take this step out of concerns regarding social distancing. The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) continues to report alarming increases in the number of cases. To accommodate those who want to get a divorce but are worried about the risk, virtual divorce has been gaining popularity during the pandemic. Virtual divorce proceedings may consist of any of the following:

  • Initial intake interviews with your attorney either by phone, via Facetime, or through virtual conferencing applications

  • Online meetings with your spouse and their attorney to negotiate important issues such as marital property division, alimony, child custody, and child support

  • Virtual hearings pertaining to discovery and other routine matters in your case

  • Virtual mediation sessions that can help you reach a divorce settlement agreement

The Best Way To Approach Online Divorce Proceedings

Virtual web conferencing applications such as Zoom have become increasingly popular during the pandemic. However, using them for informal meetings with your family or even for work is far different than using them to conduct divorce proceedings. Remember, issues resolved during these meetings can end up impacting your relationships with others and your financial security for years into the future. To protect yourself, consider the following tips on the best way to approach virtual divorce proceedings:

  • Download the app in advance so you can become familiar with how it works prior to your meeting.

  • Take care to sit in a bright, well light spot, away from windows which could cause glare.

  • Dress appropriately, even for virtual meetings.

  • Eliminate distractions by sitting in a quiet area.

  • Look into the web camera when talking, rather than at the computer screen.

  • Avoid making comments or bringing up additional matters without speaking to your attorney privately first.

Let Us Help You Today

These are difficult times in general. Going through a divorce only adds to your stress. To protect yourself and your rights, get the trusted legal guidance you need from the Surasky Law Firm, LLC. To schedule a confidential consultation either online or in person, contact our Aiken divorce attorney today.

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