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Hurricane Season Increases Car Accidents in Aiken

While the nearest beach is over two hours away, Aiken residents still need to pay attention when hurricane warnings are issued. In many cases, storm surge and wind wreak havoc on the coast, but inland areas suffer significant amounts of damage due to heavy rains and flooding. It can be particularly dangerous when you are on the road either during a storm or in the days after, as hurricane season increases car accidents in Aiken.

How Rainy Weather Increases Car Accident Risks

During the late summer, high humidity means that heavy downpours occur almost on a daily basis. This is also the time of year when tropical storms and hurricanes stir up the Atlantic. Rainfall from them often heads directly inward, impacting Aiken and the surrounding areas.

While rain may not seem like much of a road hazard compared to ice or snow, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) warns that it is even more dangerous. The weather, in general, is responsible for nearly a quarter of the roughly six million car accidents that occur on U.S. roads each year. Rain is a factor in more than half of these. Even a light downpour can negatively impact driving abilities. Heavier rains are likely to result in the following:

  • Decreased visibility and increased glare from head or tail lights and traffic signals

  • Decreased braking ability and a greater tendency for brake failures

  • Decreased tire traction and a greater likelihood of skids

  • Increases in heavy traffic conditions and vehicle breakdowns, which generally make car accidents more likely to happen

Protecting Yourself On The Roads

South Carolina narrowly avoided heavy impacts as a result of Hurricane Isaias, but it is still early in hurricane season, and more storms are likely on the way. It is important for drivers to pay close attention to weather forecasts at this time of year, particularly if you are traveling near the coast. Here at home, there are still some precautions you want to take to protect yourself:

  • Allow plenty of room between you and other drivers in rainy conditions

  • Allow plenty of time for braking and avoid sudden stops

  • Be cautious in approaching puddles, as these can be deeper than they appear

  • Heed warning signs, traffic detours, and roadblocks, which often indicate flooded or flood-prone areas

  • If you encounter a severe storm while on the road, consider pulling over at a safe location until it passes

Drivers need to be extra cautious of hydroplaning during rain, which can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. If you begin losing traction, avoid slamming on the brakes or other sudden movements. Instead, slowly ease off the gas pedal and steer in the direction you want to go.

Reach Out To Our Aiken Car Accident Attorney

Hurricane season increases the risk of car accidents in Aiken. When car accidents do happen, you can count on the Surasky Law Firm, LLC to help you get the compensation you need to recover in a claim. To schedule a consultation regarding your case, reach out and contact our Aiken car accident attorney today.

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