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Tips For A Safe Halloween In Aiken

It’s that time of year again when little ghosts and goblins get ready to take over neighborhood streets. While ongoing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic have put a damper on some of our Halloween plans, community events are still scheduled and people are finding creative ways to take children trick-or-treating.

When getting everyone ready for the big day, it’s important to take some precautions. Unfortunately, while Halloween may be fun, it is one of the most common times of year for personal injuries to happen. The following are some simple tips for a safe Halloween in Aiken.

Halloween Safety Tips For Children and Adults

The City of Aiken Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism will be hosting its annual Halloween event on October 31, 2020. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, instead of the usual Trunk or Treat event, the city is holding a “Boo Bash Drive-Thru” from 4:30pm – 6:00pm. The event will be spread out among four different locations: the Odell Weeks Activities Center, the Smith-Hazel Recreation Center, the Lessie B. Price Aiken Senior and Youth Center, and the Aiken Visitors Center & Train Museum. Children of all ages are encouraged to attend.

Some neighborhoods will also still be holding trick or treating. Those attending are encouraged to wear masks and follow other pandemic-related precautions. In addition to protecting yourself from the virus during Halloween festivities, it is also important to reduce the risks of personal injuries. Whatever your plans are, the National Safety Council recommends the following tips:

For Childrens Costumes

  • Make sure that costumes fit properly and do not trail on the ground, which presents trip hazards

  • Opt for makeup rather than masks and do a skin test first

  • Make sure costumes, wigs, and any accessories are fire-resistant

  • Increase your child’s visibility by using glow sticks or reflective tape on costumes and provide them a flashlight to carry.

When Trick-or-Treating or Attending Community Events

  • Always make sure young children are accompanied by an adult

  • Have older children go in groups

  • Make a plan before going out, avoiding unfamiliar areas and any place near traffic

  • At events, follow all posted signs and make a point of locating emergency exits

  • Review stranger danger tips

  • Remind children to pay attention to their surroundings, rather than being preoccupied with electronic devices

For Motorists

  • Be aware that Halloween is one of the most common nights for car accidents

  • Keep an eye out for children on sidewalks and crosswalks

  • Drive slower than the speed limit in areas children tend to congregate

  • Use caution when pulling in and out of driveways or parking lots

  • If you go out and intend to drink, make other arrangements for getting home

Contact Our Aiken Personal Injury Attorney

Be sure to keep these simple tips for a safe Halloween in Aiken in mind! At the Surasky Law Firm, we wish you and your family a safe and happy Halloween. When accidents happen, we are here to help you get the compensation you need to recover. Contact the Surasky Law Firm and request a consultation today.

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