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Driver Charged In Aiken Hit and Run Accident

Car accidents happen regularly in Aiken and can involve both motorists and pedestrians. Due to the reckless actions of others involved, victims may suffer serious, potentially life-threatening personal injuries. In an effort to evade financial responsibility, the at-fault driver may attempt to flee the scene. In a recent Aiken hit-and-run accident, a local woman ended up being charged days after a fatal crash. A thorough investigation of the accident scene and tips from witnesses and the general public can help to ensure hit-and-run drivers are held accountable.

Hit-and-Run Accident In Aiken Proves Fatal For Victim

A recent hit-and-run accident in Aiken proved fatal for the victim involved. According to an October 15, 2020 news report by the Aiken Standard, the crash happened around 11:00 p.m. the previous Thursday night. A 43-year-old woman had stopped on the side of Edgefield Highway to retrieve an item that had fallen off her pick-up truck. As she was standing in the roadway, she was struck by a driver in a passing vehicle. Rather than stopping at the scene and rendering aid to the victim, the driver kept on going. Police showed up just ten-minutes later and pronounced the woman dead at the scene.

After making the accident and a description of the hit-and-run driver public, the person at-fault eventually turned herself in. Identified as a 32-year-old Aiken woman, she was immediately arrested and charged with hit-and-run, failure to perform duties of a driver involved in an accident involving death, and driving under suspension.

Apprehending Hit-and-Run Drivers

Statistics from the American Automobile Association (AAA) Foundation indicate that in nearly ten percent of all motor vehicle accidents involving drivers and pedestrians, the at-fault party attempts to flee the scene. In addition to wanting to avoid financial liability, common reasons for hit-and-runs include driving under the influence, being wanted by police, having no insurance, and problems with immigration status.

While the driver in the above hit-and-run accident eventually turned herself in, these cases typically require a swift and thorough investigation to ensure the at-fault party is held accountable. This often includes:

  • Revisiting the accident scene and looking for evidence that may have been overlooked

  • Reinterviewing eyewitnesses in an effort to obtain a description of the driver

  • Reviewing surveillance footage from nearby stores and traffic signals, which may help to identify the vehicle

  • Working with the police to solicit tips from the general public

  • Speaking to local mechanics, where the driver may have taken their vehicle for repairs

Get Our Aiken Car Accident Attorneys On Your Side

Identifying hit-and-run drivers is the only way to ensure victims get the justice they deserve and the compensation they need to recover. At the Surasky Law Firm, we take the swift actions needed in these cases. To get our Aiken car accident attorney working on your side, contact our office and request a consultation today.

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