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Are Personal Belongings Subject To Property Division In Divorce?

When getting a divorce in Aiken, one of the central issues to resolve concerns the division of marital property and assets. Besides big-ticket items, such as homes, cars, furniture, and money in bank accounts, this also includes smaller personal belongings that, taken together, could have surprising worth.

Find out more about personal belongings in divorce and how they might fit into your property settlement by contacting the Surasky Law Firm today. Request Consultation.

Marital Property Division In Aiken Divorce

Under the South Carolina Code, all property and assets earned, acquired, or otherwise accumulated by a couple over the course of their marriage must be divided between the two of them in a divorce. This is done equitably, meaning rather than splitting everything 50/50, factors such as the length of the marriage, their individual income and assets, and their overall contributions are considered.

Marital property and assets include a variety of objects. However, many couples overlook personal belongings, which could have significant value in divorce proceedings. These include:

  • Antiques or one of a kind collectibles, such as old war medals, dolls, and stamps;

  • Glassware and dishes, which may have sentimental value;

  • Guns, ammo, and other weapons, such as hunting knives;

  • Hobby supplies, such as paints, beads, cameras, and other items;

  • Jewelry, furs, shoe collections, and other items of apparel.

The Value Of Personal Belongings

When filing for a divorce through the Aiken County Court, you need to provide a list of all marital property and assets, along with their estimated worth. While some personal belongings may seem insignificant, include them for the following reasons:

  • Their actual value may surprise you. Check on sites such as eBay to find out what collectors will pay.

  • They may have sentimental value to your spouse. This makes them important in negotiations.

  • The rights to personal belongings can be traded for larger items, such as a car or furniture;

  • Your spouse may provide cash payment in exchange for sole ownership.

The outcome of marital property settlements in divorce proceedings can impact your financial security, both now and for years to come. For this reason, you want to include everything you potentially have a right to in negotiations, including personal belongings.

Get Legal Help Today

In even the simplest divorce cases, there are important issues to resolve before a final divorce order is granted. At The Surasky Law Firm, you can count on us to provide the trusted legal guidance you need in matters such as marital property division. To discuss your specific situation contact our Aiken divorce attorney online to request a confidential consultation today.


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