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Protect Yourself Against Car Accidents This Hurricane Season

Hurricane season runs from June to November in the Atlantic Ocean. While Aiken, SC is more than 100 miles from the coast, it does not keep us from suffering serious impacts. Heavy rains, winds, and flooding are all common at this time of year, particularly when major storms make landfall anywhere in the southeast. These create conditions that significantly increase your risks for car accidents and injuries. Find out ways you can protect yourself.

Summer Storms Increase Car Accident Risks

In late June 2021, The State warned about adverse weather conditions in Aiken County due to tropical storm Claudette. The heavy downpours that resulted are likely just the first impacts our area will suffer in what is expected to be an active hurricane season.

Many of the storms that make landfall along the southeast coast end up traveling inland. The rainy conditions that result often make local roads treacherous. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) warns that rain can be even more dangerous to drive in than snow. Dangerous impacts that make car accidents in Aiken more likely to happen include:

  • Poor visibility due to increased glare and driving rain, fog, or mist.

  • Reduced tire traction due to slick road surfaces.

  • Heavier traffic conditions, making collisions more likely.

  • Increased risk of skidding and losing control of your vehicle.

Driving Safety Tips For Hurricane Season

Drivers need to take caution at this time of year to prevent car accidents in Aiken. It does not even have to be a severe storm for crashes and collisions to occur. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), more than 1,2 million accidents are reported each year due to wet pavement alone. To reduce your risks, following these driving safety tips:

  • Check weather forecasts before you travel, particularly if going to coastal areas.

  • During times of tropical storm or hurricane watches and warnings, make every effort to stay off the road.

  • During and after even mild summer rains, reduce your speed and keep some distance between you and other vehicles.

  • If you are out in a heavy downpour, pull over to the side of the road until it passes.

If you encounter areas of flooding or puddles in the road during your travels, avoid driving through and instead find an alternate route. It is impossible to accurately gauge the depth and even a couple of inches of water could disable your vehicle while a foot or more could wash it away.

In the event a car accident does happen, pull over as close to the crash site as possible without blocking other traffic. Call police immediately, get descriptions of the vehicles involved, and exchange contact and insurance information with other drivers.

Contact Our Aiken Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents that happen at this time of year can leave you suffering serious personal injuries, resulting in medical bills and lost wages for months to come. To get the compensation you are entitled to, reach out to the Surasky Law Firm. Call or contact our Aiken car accident attorney online to request a consultation today.


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