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Workers Compensation For Public Service Workers

When criminal activity occurs or when someone you love is sick and in danger, we depend on public service workers to arrive quickly and offer assistance. Firefighters, police officers, and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers all put their own safety on the line each day in serving the needs of the community, and it is not uncommon for them to suffer serious, debilitating, and even life threatening injuries as a result. Workers’ compensation for public service workers can help these folks get back on their feet, while ensuring that their family members are provided for.

Common Emergency Worker Injuries

According to figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, public service workers in our state are among those most at risk for on-the-job accidents and injuries. Dealing with the public in potentially dangerous situations takes a heavy toll on their physical and mental health. Common types of injuries and health conditions these workers suffer include the following:

  • Assaults from members of the general public, including the victims they are trying to help

  • Soft tissue injuries, such as pulled or torn muscles or tendons as the result of overuse, strain, and heavy lifting

  • Dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke due to overexertion

  • Burn injuries and breathing problems (common among firefighters)

  • Gun and knife wounds as the result of altercations with suspects

  • Diseases such as hepatitis and HIV due to contact with blood and bodily fluids

Transportation accidents are another shared concern. Police, firefighters, and paramedics are all expected to act as first responders. When they get an emergency call, they have the authority to run red lights and stop signs while exceeding posted speed limits in order to get to the scene as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, these are the exact types of driving behaviors which put all drivers at risk. Even with their lights and alarms flashing, other motorists are often not certain how to respond, making potentially serious car accidents and collisions more likely to occur.

Workers’ Compensation For Public Service Workers

In addition to on-the-job dangers, the stress of the duties public service workers perform puts them at risk for conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. When job-related injuries or illnesses do occur, workers’ compensation for public service workers can provide the benefits they need for recovery. Through the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC), employees throughout the state who become injured or ill on the job may be entitled to the following:

  • Coverage for medical expenses and treatments

  • Reimbursement for lost wages

  • Compensation for temporary or permanent disabilities suffered

  • Benefits for surviving family members, if an injury or illness proves fatal

Get Help Today

At the Surasky Law Firm, LLC, we appreciate the valuable role public service workers play in our community. When health problems arise a result of their jobs, we fight to get them the benefits they deserve through workers' compensation for public service workers. Call or contact our Aiken workers’ compensation attorney online and request a consultation to see how we can help you.


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