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Heavy Downpours Increase Risk Of Car Accidents In Aiken

While residents of South Carolina generally don’t have to deal with the harsh winter weather conditions experienced in northern climates, we do get heavy rains and ice. This winter, downpours have been a regular occurrence, often lasting for days at a time. In addition to making it difficult to engage in outdoor activities, heavy downpours increase the risk of car accidents in Aiken, which can lead to serious personal injuries. Be aware of potential dangers rainy weather poses for drivers and the steps needed to protect yourself.

How Rain Increases Aiken Car Accident Risks

According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), of the nearly six million car accidents that happen each year in the U.S., more than 20 percent of these are weather-related. Of these, nearly half occur when it rains. Factors that make rainy, wet conditions so dangerous for drivers include:

Reduced visibility. Driving rain and the mist that often accompanies it makes it difficult to see when driving. It also increases the glare from traffic signals and other driver’s head or tail lights.

Reduced traction. Wet roads make it harder to maintain tire traction and cold temperatures make them even more slippery. This impacts your ability to control your vehicle and increases the risks of skidding or hydroplaning. It also increases the amount of time needed for making stops.

Traffic tie-ups. As drivers generally have to proceed with caution, rainy weather makes traffic tie-ups more likely to happen. This increases the overall risks for car accidents and injuries.

Even relatively small amounts of rain or wet pavement create hazards. In these conditions, it’s important for drivers to slow speeds and allow plenty of space between themselves and other vehicles.

Heavy Rains In Aiken Create Flood Hazards For Drivers

Heavy rains have been in local weather forecasts now for weeks. With spring right around the corner, total rainfall amounts are likely to reach record levels. In addition to generally increasing the risks for car accidents in Aiken, this also increases the likelihood for flooding. warns that even a couple inches of rain on the road can cause you to lose control of your vehicle, while twelve inches or more could cause even larger cars to float away. To protect yourself against potential flooding dangers, follow these tips:

● Stick to main roads during heavy rains

● Avoid areas that are prone to flooding

● Use extreme caution at night, when you are less likely to notice flooding or pools of standing water

● Follow any detours posted

Be aware that you cannot accurately gauge the depth of a puddle simply by looking at it. Rather than taking your chances and driving through it, err on the side of caution and go around it instead.

Contact Our Aiken Car Accident Attorney

Heavy downpours increase car accident risks in Aiken. When car accidents happen due to adverse weather or other causes, you can count on the Surasky Law Firm to help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact our Aiken car accident attorney to request a consultation today.


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