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Signs Your Marriage Is Headed Towards Divorce

Every married couple goes through occasional rocky patches in their relationship. Regardless of whether these clear up on their own or require some counseling, the most important thing is that the parties involved remain committed to the relationship. Unfortunately, there are times when even minor issues can make one party consider filing for divorce. This can come as a complete shock, but often there are red flags they may have missed. Review these signs that your marriage is headed towards divorce.

Warning Signs Your Marriage Is In Trouble

Going through a divorce is always difficult, but it can be even more painful in situations where you did not realize your marriage was in trouble. Being served with a divorce petition can come as a complete shock, but in retrospect, you may be able to look back at the past few months or years together and identify warning signs. Some of the most common include:

Lack of communication between the parties. Not being able to talk with your spouse, communicate about important issues, or feel as if your concerns are being heard are among the most common signs that a marriage is in trouble.

Failure to maintain your temper. The inability on the part of you or your spouse to pause and collect yourself rather than lashing out at the other is an obvious symptom of problems in the relationship.

No longer enjoying shared activities. While independence is important in a relationship, not spending any quality time together can easily cause a couple to drift apart.

No longer having shared goals. It’s hard to maintain a marriage when the couple no longer shares the same dreams or goals.

Going outside the relationship. Trust is one of the most important qualities in a marriage. When one of the spouses is unfaithful, it is one of the hardest things for a couple to overcome.

Signs Your Partner Is Considering A Divorce

All of the above represent serious problems in a relationship, but they can be overcome. Unfortunately, by the time some of these warning signs appear, your spouse may already be considering a divorce. If so, they may be taking certain steps to protect themselves and their rights in divorce under the South Carolina Code. It’s important to be alert for any of the following:

Your spouse begins receiving mail that is unfamiliar or appears to be from a law firm

They begin having their mail sent to another address or P.O. box

They open up their own bank account or credit card

They reroute automatic deposits to these new accounts

They begin selling certain types of property or giving it away

You are unable to locate important documents such as past tax returns or titles to your home or car

Reach Out To Our Aiken Divorce Attorney

These are some major signs that your marriage is headed towards divorce. At the Surasky Law Firm, we provide the caring support and trusted legal guidance needed to protect yourself and your rights when facing a potential divorce. To discuss your situation and the options available, contact our Aiken divorce attorney online and request a confidential consultation today.


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